Degenerate Remnants of a Sorcerous Race (album preview)

by Grue



From our upcoming album, "Final Transmission From Tomb-World Earth"


Our fathers worked in stone, torn from the living earth
In dark satanic mines entire generations were sacrificed
And still the stones rose higher while below their builders crawled
And honed their gnarled fangs, and gnawed their rivals’ bones
But it was not enough

So we gave them blood, we gave them sight, we gave them voice: we gave them life

Unflinching armies
Untiring slaves
Unending joy
War without pain

Careless emperors
Commanding with a wave
Without mercy
Without shame
We were magnificent

As we reclined
They spread their grasp
As they grew stronger
Our blood grew thin

When our feeble blasphemies
No longer satisfied
Our familiars
Rose up to cast us down

These twisted shapes of living stone
These walking ruins: these were our foes
But their faces were our own


released July 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Grue Boston, Massachusetts

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